As the year gradually runs to its end, Artyrama is pleased to present a few hand selected artists whose works will make the ideal gifts for the festive season.

The Art of Giving, our seasonal shop, features a mix of new and known artists, whose work span various media including painting, drawing, mixed media, and illustrations from artists like Yetunde Odediran, Mcdonald Iheme, Patrick Akpojotor, Wallace Juma, Oladotun Abiola and more.

The Art of Giving taps into the excitement and significance of the yuletide and holiday season upon us to open ourselves to reflect on gifting and giving beyond the norm, through art.


Yetunde Odediran

Yetunde Odediran is a mixed media artist who explores the use of lines and colours, to tell stories. Her work is a play on structure and fluidity in which method allows each painting take on an unexpected, yet natural evolution. She is a graduate of Communication Studies with a minor in Studio Art.

Aegis, Yetunde Odediran, Pen on paper, 44cm x 35 cm

McDonald Iheme

Born in February 1995, McDonald Iheme is a Lagos-based artist who graduated top of his class in 2015, from the department of Fine and Applied Arts at the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, known for graduating some of Nigeria’s renowned artists. Iheme’s medium of expression is drawing. Experimenting with charcoal, Iheme draws human features and expressions bringing to surface internal conflicts of the human mind.

Vivacious III, Mcdonald Iheme, Charcoal on paper, 64cm x 52cm


Patrick Akpojotor

Patrick Akpojotor is a multi-disciplinary artist born in 1982 and based in Lagos. His medium encompasses drawing, painting, print making, sculpture and installations. His skill as an artist is deft and remarkable. Some of his drawings command a three-dimensional effect tilting towards cubism.

Akpojotor was the winner of the ART X Prize with Access in 2016.

Cheers to a Good Life, Patrick Akpojotor, Charcoal on paper, 38cm x 28cm

Wallace Juma

Wallace Juma was born in Kenya, 1987. He studied Art and Design at Buruburu Institute of Fine Art graduated in 2010. Wallace makes use of reclaimed materials to give form to hos works. His works has been exhibited around Africa including East Africa, Nigeria, USA and Australia.

He is the recipient of the 2018 Manjano Prize.

XXX, Wallace Juma,

Oladotun Abiola

Oladotun Abiola is a Nigeria Visual Artist resident in Lagos Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Lagos in Creative Art, he is versatile in various art mediums including the use of pastel, ink and ccrylic. He is largely influenced by the female anatomy and this is featured heavily in his compositions. Oladotun’s work hints at impressionism where colour and form are prominent in his work.

Applause I, Dotun Abiola, Collage on paper, 46cm x 30cm


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