Roanna Teller with Artyrama

Roanna Tella is a Lagos based visual storyteller born on the 29th of June in Lagos, Nigeria. She is currently in her penultimate year studying Visual Arts with a major in painting at the University of Lagos.

Her works are rendered in both painting and photography and feature exploring the variety of emotions people of a certain age experience. She seeks to explore depression  and distress in the aged through her art, expressing the melancholy and misery in distorted figure head portraits.

Her figurative heads are placed before she applies spontaneous brush strokes of colour which suggest movement.  She focuses on a single subject for a sustained period which results in her fusing each of the paintings into a story.

Roanna Teller with Artyrama

Who or what are your influences?

Old people are my influences and I get inspiration from them. What I want to portray is that old people are messed up too through the use of colour and facial expression

What rituals or processes do you perform before you create a piece?

I write down what I have to create before hand so that when I start creating pieces, it almost acts as a checklist.

What is the best advice someone gave you to become more creative?

That I have to keep working hard to achieve my goals and to genuinely have patience with your work.

What is art to you?

Art is everything to me!