Sadiq Ajibola Williams is a multidisciplinary artist who draws his inspiration from many sources. As a trained architect (RIBA Part 1), Project Manager (PRINCE2) and Martial Artist, he fuses both contemporary and traditional art to create his abstract expressionist pieces.

What kind of Artist are you?

“I am a multidisciplinary artist not a mixed media artist, people often confuse the two. When you are multidisciplinary, it mean you have several disciplines to call on; I have architecture, film-making, poetry, music, dance, drama and theatre. However, in mixed media, you use mixed mediums to create a piece.”

Sadiq Williams for Artyrama

Sadiq Williams for Artyrama

How would you describe your artwork?

“Most of the things I do have a Western or Asian edge to them; but there are also elements of the Yoruba and Edo region of Nigeria to them which is where I’m from.  I do however intend on expatiating on other cultures in Nigeria or Africa. I also favour showing the African viewpoint of everyday life. I draw and paint portraiture but I’m currently  exploring abstract expressionism by fusing both the contemporary and traditional as much as possible. “

What is your creative process?

My creative process is very allegorical, so I infuse mind, body, soul and spirit. A lot of people compare my work to Jackson Pollock but it is very different in terms of technique. I don’t use a paint brush, instead I use sticks, cloth and the weapons used in martial arts, such as swords, to create my abstract pieces. I like authenticity, so as a martial artist you should be able to read the strikes and strokes. Every move is deliberate”.

'Memories of Atlantis', Sadiq Williams, 2017

‘Memories of Atlantis’, Sadiq Williams, 2017

Who are your influences ?

“You can’t be a great martial artist without being a great dancer. With this skill, I pay homage to the greats that paved the way for us young contemporary artists. For example, Yusuf Grillo,  Peju Alatise and Ayoola Gbolahan who has been a great mentor.”


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